Anna Konson

Brand & motion designer ✨

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“The Life Insurance You’re Searching For” brand campaign

Project management, art direction, brainstorming and concept creation.

For this campaign, we aimed to highlight the different ways that potential customers may find Policygenius. I led the brand team in brainstorming and storyboarding this concept, and worked with Verna Studio to produce the final products.

Homepage hero redesign

Role: Brainstorming and concepting. 

Policygenius needed new homepage hero art - I helped develop a concept for new animated key art that highlighted key product features and experience. This refreshed art helped improve lead conversion rate by 48%.

Meta retargeting ads

Role: Brainstorming and concept creation, graphic design and motion design.

I worked with my copywriter to test different value props, different designs, and different copy together to develop the best retargeting Meta ads to better understand our audience + what attracts them.

If a concept was successful, we refined its design and copy into a new variant and tested against their original set. Eight ads across different testing rounds were rotated into our BAU ad set. These ads decreased our cost per click and increased conversion rates.

Dodgers Sponsorship Ads

Role: Brand design 

Policygenius is a sponsor of the LA Dodgers, and I led the design for a set of ads to be displayed behind home plate.

Product flow animation

Role: Concept creation and storyboarding, graphic design, and motion design.

It can be hard to represent a digital product without taking a screen recording of it. I was tasked with creating a product flow animation to represent the experience of using Policygenius. 

Life is Unpredictable brand campaign

Role: Brainstorming and concept creation, art direction, paid social design, and motion design.

For this campaign, we aimed to represent that life insurance can help one be prepared for life’s biggest surprises. I worked with the brand team to create this creative concept, and to create paid social and Google display marketing assets.

I was responsible for applying our creative direction to a 30 second YouTube spot. I led the creative concepting, storyboarding, and production of this video.

Influencer video cutdowns

Role: Video editing, video retouching, and motion design.

Policygenius frequently collaborates with influencers for paid marketing. When influencers record testimonials for us, my role is to edit the video and add graphics.