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Oil Packed

Tinned fish reviews

Role: Art direction, graphic design, and copywriting.

Oil Packed is a biweekly tinned fish review blog started in May 2023 by myself and Aaron Barton, photographer (and my husband!)

Seed to Surf Celery Root Whitefish is a nicely spiced, richly flavored tin. Inside, we have a handful of diced, smoked celery root (also known as celeriac), packed in sunflower oil with seaweed, spices, and salt. The celery root has a peppery flavor, and it’s spiced with a little warmth which gives it a mature, complex flavor. The celery root feels fresh with a nice crunch when you bite into it, yet still feels juicy from the sunflower oil. I’ll be upfront - by itself, this doesn’t taste like whitefish at all. But it’s delicious in its own regard, and the smokiness is on par with most smoked fish.

Now, this fish is nice on a club cracker (which are vegan!), but it’s perfect for a dip. Drain the oil and dump the can into your blender with some vegan cream cheese (I love Tofutti), a couple tablespoons of chopped scallions, and blend it up! No need for any additional salt or seasoning, this spread is good to go. Try it with your favorite potato chips, and of course, club crackers, and you’ll polish off this dip in one sitting - I certainly did. When mixed into a dip or spread, this is a near 1:1 substitute for smoked whitefish. Whether you eat meat or not, you’ll enjoy this smoked celery root.